Free Webinar:     Organisational Health Literacy: Assess Yourself!

Thursday 30 September 2021

The Canberra Health Literacy Network ran a webinar that reviewed the results of  recent research conducted by TasCOSS into aspects of digital literacy and the challenges presented by the increasing use of telehealth and digital services during COVID-19.   We also explored the question “How health literate is my organisation?” and had a quick look at the fabulous Organisational Health Literacy Self Assessment toolkit developed for community organisations by HeLLOTas.

Health literate organisations make it easy for people to get, understand and act on health information so they can have better health and access care. A health literacy self-assessment is a powerful tool to support your organisation’s work and demonstrate the quality of your services.

In this webinar you will learn how important, and easy, it is to assess and improve your organisation’s health literacy.

You will also hear about :

  • What is it like for people to access health and community appointments through telehealth and online service delivery?
  • What do people want and need from service providers to make their online experience better?

This webinar is for:

  • managers and frontline workers in any community organisation or team that provides services to people.
  • anyone involved in the delivery of telehealth and digital health service


  • Chris Sierzant, Health Literacy Coordinator, TasCOSS
  • Susannah Coleman-Brown, Community Sector Development Team Leader, TasCOSS

You can access a recording of the webinar on YouTube here: Organisational Health Literacy – Assess Yourself!

You can access a copy of the slides from the presentation via DropBox here.

If you would like any more information, please contact the Canberra Health Literacy Network team at [email protected].

Last Updated on 6 October, 2021.

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Last Updated on 6 October, 2021.