We’ve just updated our guide to health complaints and feedback in the ACT. This guide can help you:

  • decide if you want to give feedback or make a complaint,
  • know who to contact with your feedback or complaint,
  • learn how to share clear, actionable feedback,
  • find advice and support, and
  • work out what is the best action for your individual circumstances.

The updated guide now includes information about the new Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers as well as updates to several links and contacts. We encourage organisations to share the guide in their newsletter or on social media – contact us if you would like further information.

Download the guides

You can either download the complete Take Action! Guide to Health Complaints and Feedback in the ACT, or each of the tip sheets separately.

  1. Health complaints and feedback in Canberra
  2. How to make a complaint about a health professional
  3. Health complaints and feedback for carers, family and friends
  4. Tips for making a complaint
  5. What to expect in response to a complaint
  6. How to request access or a change to your medical record

You can also download the directory with contact details for:

  • Organisations that can help you with a complaint or a problem in health care
  • The complaints and feedback processes of most hospitals and larger health services in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • what to do if you, or someone you care about, is getting sicker while they are in hospital.

Disclaimer: These guides are provided for advice only. Using these guides does not guarantee a particular outcome for your complaint.

Find more useful information on our pages on Health Care Rights, Feedback and Complaints and Self Advocacy.

Last Updated on 22 January, 2024.

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Last Updated on 22 January, 2024.