Resources for Community Sector Workers and Organisations

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You are here:Home>Resources Hub>Resources for the Community Sector
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Communicating with Clients and Consumers

Exploring good practice use of group identity labels to represent people of diverse sexualities, genders, bodies and relationships.  A discussion paper developed by Meridian ACT. This paper presents the most up-to-date research on emerging practices in terminology use, offering an essential resource to organisations wishing to connect with the diverse communities they serve. This paper aims to foster and inform conversations about what terms are most appropriate when referring to people of diverse sexualities, genders, sex characteristics and relationships.

Health Care For People Who Need Extra Support. This Guide, developed by Dr Rachel Skoss at Notre Dame University, is for anyone supporting a person with intellectual disability or a person who needs support to understand and navigate the health system. It is a guide to health literacy which includes practical information and links to resources to build the person’s knowledge and skills in managing their own health and support them to navigate the health system.

Organisational Health Literacy Tools

HeLLO Tas – A toolkit for Health Literacy Learning Organisations, 2019

This toolkit was developed in Tasmania by community sector workers for community sector and smaller community health organisations. It provides a step-by-step process for doing a self-assessment and developing a Health Literacy Action Plan, practical tools to help you with these tasks, links to accreditation standards, resources and further reading material.

It will help you see what your organisation is already doing well and what else you could do to further enhance your services. It can also help you to meet quality improvement standards relating to outcomes for clients, consumer rights, evidence-based practice, and community development.

You can download the toolkit here, or from the HeLLO Tas website.

Make it Easy: A Handbook for Becoming a Health Literate Organisation, 2019

This guide was developed in Victoria as a collaboration between HealthWest Partnership and Inner North West Primary Care Partnership. It is designed for health services but is also easy for community sector organisations to use.

This toolkit provides: a simple definition of what it means to be a health literate organisation, an explanation of the five requirements for being a health literate organisation, a five-step approach to becoming a health literate organisation and tools to help you get there.

You can access it here, or from the HealthWest website.

Enliven Organisational Health Literacy Self-assessment Resource, 2013.

This resource was developed in Victoria by the School of Primary Health Care at Monash University for Enliven, a health promotion charity.

This self-assessment tool is for health and social service organisations and is designed to guide and inform their development as health literate organisations. It is based on the 10 attributes of health literate organisations identified by the American Institute of Medicine.  Each attribute has been operationalised as a set of evidence-based processes, outputs or outcomes that together constitute an appropriate response to health literacy at the organisational level.

You can download the resource here, or from the Enliven website.

Last Updated on 22 November, 2022.