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Canberra Health Literacy Network

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The Canberra Health Literacy Network is working to improve health literacy in the ACT and region. Our aim is to make it easier for everyone who uses health services in the ACT to:

  • get, understand and act on health information that meets their needs,
  • make decisions about their health and care, and
  • access the health and community services they need.

Health literacy is central to good health and it matters to everyone. Clinical and allied health professionals, health and community services, individual consumers and carers, and consumer groups can all take action to support health literacy.

Everyone is welcome to get involved in our activities. This includes consumers and carers, people who work or volunteer for health services, community services and consumer organisations, and people studying to become health and community professionals.

Our Activities

We offer:

  • Workshops on practical health literacy topics.
  • Online resources to support health literacy.
  • Opportunities to shape the ACT response to health literacy.
  • A network of interested peers working in different organisations.
  • Opportunities to share and learn from others.
  • The chance to shape future health literacy initiatives and activities.

Our activities are directed by a Steering Group that includes representatives of:

  • ACT Health Directorate
  • ACT Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
  • Canberra Health Services
  • Capital Health Network
  • Carers’ ACT, and
  • Health Care Consumers’ Association of the ACT

The CHL Network is an initiative of the Health Care Consumers’ Association (HCCA) and is supported by the ACT Health Directorate.

To register your interest and find out about upcoming events, please email us at [email protected]

Last Updated on 24 May, 2021.