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A Community Worker’s Guide to Health Literacy and Health Care

Date:              10:30am-12:30pm, Thursday 8 July 2021

Venue:           Online by Zoom

RSVP:            Eventbrite

The Health Care Consumers’ Association invites you to join us at a free workshop to learn about health literacy and how to support your client in the health system.

This workshop will support you to:

  • Understand what health literacy means
  • Know how health literacy affects health outcomes
  • Understand your role in supporting your client in the health system
  • Recognise the signs someone is experiencing high demands on their health literacy
  • Know what questions to ask to get the most out an appointment with a health professional

This workshop is suitable for anyone whose work includes supporting service users to manage or resolve a health issue.

We recognise Zoom can be tiring and there will be breaks and activities to help you stay engaged.

For more information call 6230 7800 or email [email protected]

Last Updated on 21 June, 2021.

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Last Updated on 21 June, 2021.